Our Services


Moment Engineering delivers wide range of consultancy services for a variety of clients in terms of structural & civil analysis and design with subsequent preparation of design documentation.

We are working in four principal directions:

    • as direct structural/civil consultants for our clients;
    • delivering engineering services to building contractors, property developers, architects¬†in terms of responsibility for structural/civil design and construction site inspections;
    • being involved with other engineering consultancies as sub-contractors in order to help keeping up with their contract obligations in structural/civil design area;
    • providing third-party reviews of structural/civil designworks performed by others.

We are registered with Victorian Building Authority & Board of Professional Engineers in Queensland for providing engineering advice in both states with full necessary certification of compliance for our work. All our services are covered by the appropriate professional indemnity insurance package.

We also provide assistance with other project matters such as town planning, building/architectural design services, geotechnical site investigations so our business in association with our partnerships may surely be your one stop workshop on the way to turn your ideas into reality.

Moment Engineering is open for contacts with new customers. Please click here to make an enquiry.